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Sonja has enjoyed a long career and varied musical experiences. With a vast knowledge and understanding of appropriate selections,
Sonja is available to assist in your musical selections while also remaining sensitive to your guests’ tastes,
ensuring an absolutely perfect celebration. Enjoy this small sampling of what we have to offer.

We’re Adaptable

Sonja, thank you for being part of our special day! I apologize that there was a mix-up with the priest remembering the elements and order to our wedding, but please know we are happy with you and your musicians’ patience and performance regardless. I heard some great compliments from the congregation about your group’s talent, and I couldn’t be happier. Once again, thank you for being a part of our wedding, and God bless!


Wonderful Perfomance

If you are looking for a beautiful and elegant touch to your wedding, Sonja Gary Strings is it! Sonja and her team were the icing on the cake for my traditional ceremony. She was wonderful to work with, especially with my obscure requests. I used a string quartet to provide prelude and some entrance music. I finally got to hear her wonderful performance on my wedding DVD. Many of my guests said they loved the different styles of music in my wedding ceremony, but they especially loved the string quartet, adding “it was so me.”

Private User

Why Choose Us?

My daughter and her fiancé wanted something nontraditional but the piece they chose was not available in sheet music. My future son-in-law wrote the music for each instrument and Sonja’s string ensemble performed it beautifully, and because she had attended the rehearsal, her timing the day of was perfect!


Elegant Ceremony

Sonja did a wonderful job at our ceremony. We had an outdoor wedding and having the strings just added to the beauty and elegance of the ceremony. Sonja was very helpful in suggestions and very attentive to our needs. I would definitely recommend her to make any ceremony amazing.